Msichana Thabiti: Empowering Adolescent Girls 2 Become Radiant Feminists-Project

For three years August 2019 to July 2012, Amani Girls Home will administer grant and coordinate members of The SMASH Adolescent Girls CoP, a learning circle of seventeen likeminded not-for-profit organizations, working with adolescent girls to support them live and achieve their life long goals. Majority of these girls continue to safer the aftermath of power imbalance which exists in the Mwanza region due to negative social norms that continue to dis-empower girls against boys from early stages in their lives. 

Mutually we will address the particular needs of: (1) Very young adolescent girls ages 10-14:Limited attention is currently placed on addressing the particular needs and taking a primary prevention approach to working with young girls ages 10-14 in Tanzania. (2) Out-of-school girls and young women ages 15-20:AGH has been successfully implementing a program called Maisha Mema, which promotes the development of economic, health and social assets among out-of-school girls and young women, particularly those who are mothers. 

The Objectives of this project are:

  1. To equip a cadre of young adolescent girls aged 10-14 years with the information, skills and support they need to support and strengthen their health transitional from girlhood to productive womanhood in Mwanza Tanzania.
  2. Increase the financial literacy and economic empowerment of the most excluded adolescent girls aged 15 to 20 years to provide and care for themselves and their children in Mwanza Tanzania.