International Partners

We truly appreciate all the support and cooperation from our international partners, listed below:

better_way Better Way Foundation – U.S.A.

Plan International – United Kingdom

population_council Population Council – Kenya

invia IN VIA – Germany

pepfar U.S. Embassy – Tanzania

firelight Firelight Foundation – U.S.A.

usaid U.S. Aid – U.S.A.

PSI – U.S.A.

Children in Crossfire – United Kingdom

The Desk & Chair Foundation  – United Kingdom

The Hilton Foundation – U.S.A.


Tides Foundation – U.S.A.

NoVo Foundation – U.S.A.

Raising Voices – Uganda

Barcelona Global – Spain

Beyond Borders – Haiti

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine – United Kingdom

Oak Foundation  – Switzerland

Tsadik Foundation – Switzerland