International Women’s Day 2019

“There is no equality if she is not given equal opportunities to decisions and actions.” So said guest of honor Mr. Emmanuel Kipole, during his speech on International Women’s Day. This aptly describes the feelings of all attending this year’s Women’s Day celebrations.

On Friday, March 8, 2019, AGH celebrated International Women’s Day along with many others in Mwanza. What a joy it was! Our team went to two locations, Bujora and Sengerema. In both locations, those who attended enjoyed speeches and music presentations. In Bujora, there were street demonstrations, and on site we set up a stand to display the products made by our program groups and to advertise our services to the public. In Sengerema, the guest of honor was Mr. Emmanuel Kipole, and in Bujora Mrs. Emmi Mwalimu. In Bujora, we had additional guests from the UN, UN Women, and the Norwegian and Swedish embassies. ┬áPlease click on each photo to see a basic description of the photo.