Addressing Stunting in Tanzania Early (ASTUTE)

ASTUTE, called Mtoto Mwerevu in Swahili, is a project of IMA World Health, and is being implemented in a total of 5 regions in the Lake Zone.¬†We are implementing this project in 5 wards. It’s overall aim is to reach 3 million homes and help 50,000 children in 5 years. It wants to reduce stunting by 7% and increase birth weight by 3% among those children. To do this, we focus on educating people in the community and local governments. We create groups of community members and of leaders. At the group meetings, they are trained on nutrition, childcare, child growth, home sanitation, male involvement with children’s health, and attitudes and behaviors at home. When the leaders are trained, they then go and train those under their leadership.