A Working Future-Project

In collaboration with Plan International Tanzania, we are implementing the project A Working Future in Nyamagana MC and Ilemela MC, in the Mwanza region. This project is funded by StatOil Norway and Accenture, and is in collaboration with Plan Norway and Plan Region of Eastern and Southern Africa (RESA).

The objective of AWF is for vulnerable youth, especially young women, to engage in decent work, supported by Plan International Tanzania. AWF aims to achieve this objective by piloting its innovative approach first for twelve months in Ilemela and Nyamagana, before replicating and increasing it to other regions/districts. AWF attacks the challenge of youth employment from a systemic approach by addressing various dimensions and levels of the issue simultaneously, such as individual skills development, personal views and behavior patterns, adverse societal norms and practices that hinder youth empowerment, especially young women, as well as formal rules, regulations and institutions. The projects aims to empower youth, especially young women, to save and borrow through informal saving group practices, equipping them with necessary skills and knowledge, linking them to private sector economic opportunities, and introducing digital tools as “project enablers” to youths, saving groups and financial service providers.

This project has two main objectives: to establish, put into operation and monitor 57 Youth Saving and Loan Associations (covering 10 wards in Ilemela and Nyamagna) reaching a minimum of 1047 youths of which 55% should be young women, and to conduct gender-related activities.