Safe, Healthy and Productive Communities for Tanzanian Girls and Young Women

This project is funded by NoVo Foundation. We are implementing this project in four wards. Two methodologies are used: SASA! from Raising Voices and Power to Girls from Beyond Borders. SASA! focuses on educating the community on eliminating violence against women and girls. The target people are local leaders and those in authority, such as nurses, police, and court members. They are motivated to reduce and ultimately eliminate violence in their area, and to work with those who are abusive to help them stop their actions, and those who are victims of violence, giving them the support they need. We are currently in the third of four phases. Power to Girls works with girls aged 14-19. It is the first time it has been implemented in Africa, being a methodology from Haiti. We created groups of teenage girls in school and out of school. They are educated on topics such as being victims of violence, health education, and entrepreneurship. The out-of-school groups are also taught certain trades, such as making batik, floor mats, reusable pads and soap, so that they can be financially independent and successful in life.