Safe, Healthy and Productive Communities for Tanzanian Girls and Young Women-Project

Amani Girls Home (AGH) is adapting the SASA! /PtG methodology, an evidence-based approach to address VAGW and HIV in the Mwanza region. SASA! /PtG was designed based on the understanding that VAGW occurs and repeats within family, community, and social structures, calling for community-wide intervention. A targeted focus on young females within the methodology recognizes them as a unique and diverse sub-population that require contextualized strategies to address the power differentials they experience in different domains of their lives.

AGH is coordinating a consortium of four organization to implementing this five year project (March 2016 – Mid 2021) in Magu District in Mwanza region.

The Goal:Empower girls and young women and shift social and cultural norms in Mwanza toward the preventionofgender violence and HIV among girls and women.

The Objectives are: 

  1. Problematize the related issues of gender violence and HIV and bring them into the public realm (frame VAWG as social problem).
  2. Reposition gender violence and HIV by promoting and modeling positive individual and collective attitudes and behaviors toward prevention.
  3. Increase girls’ safety, agency and voice by strengthening and expanding girl-centered programming platforms that equip girls and young women with protective assets.
  4. Build gender equitable relationships among females and males ages 10-18 in and out of school.